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Respect Me

Respect Me


Due to months of lockdown, the women Kathrin wished to paint were suddenly inaccessible. It was this inability to control her environment and what would usually inform her creative process, that makes this work so special. 

Forced lockdowns and a world enduring the spread of a pandemic only served to highlight the fragility of the human condition. Longhurst asks the viewer; Do we sit like ‘Body and Mind’, eyes closed, praying for something to change? Or do we take action?

Like the pressure that forms a diamond, the heaviness of a world in turmoil pushed Longhurst forward into new terrain. Followers of her work will recognise the essence, stoic nature and power of the feminine spirit portrayed in her heroines. However, ‘Mind and Body’ plays with the idea of silence and vulnerability as indicators of strength.

‘Body and Mind’ holds a mirror to the viewer asking us to surrender to what we can’t control, but to remain hopeful for what we can.


Limited Edition print by Kathrin Longhurst. This print comes with Certificate of Authenticity.

Only 20 prints available

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